Friday Friends: Marnē

We are so pumped to share space with Marnē at our second Friday Friends event on 6/28.

We met the woman behind Marnē when we teamed up with Lululemon DSM last year and fell in love with her passion to provide the DSM community with quality wears that invest and focus on fair trade practices.

Keep scrolling to hear the story about how Marnē came to be and what you can expect on Friday.

Photo by: Jessica Dean

Photo by: Jessica Dean

Let's set the record straight - your name isn't Marnē - who are you and what are the 3 things you do consistently each week?

I'm so happy you bring this up... My name is in fact Angela.

  1. Dog walks with the pups

  2. Yoga

  3. Happy Hour

Where did the name Marnē come from?

MARNē is named after our 4.5 year old Australian Shepherd. The idea of this shop has been in my head for 10 + years. The name however was never known to me until we named our babe after Marne, IA. It's a big party town on RAGBRAI.

What is Marnē all about?

MARNĒ is a place that supports brands that give a damn. We choose wisely so you have a space to shop & connect without worrying about where your goods came from. Think... your favorite looks AND fair trade practices in one place. #sustainable #ethical #vegan

Was this something you always dreamed of starting or did it just hit you one day and you were like - yeah, we need more of this in the world?

The concept of my own shop has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I spent years collecting brands that I thought were cute and affordable, knowing someday I could potentially sell those pieces in my shop. I felt that there was something missing in DSM and was determined to fill that gap.

After becoming vegan 2 years ago, I realized that my plan for MARNē had to change. I deleted the spreadsheet of brands and started from scratch. Everything that I was determined to cary would be good for animals, the planet and the people. What it boils down to? We carry beautifully crafted pieces that happen to be kind. It's a choice I am so happy to make every single day.

Photo by: Alyssa Leicht

Photo by: Alyssa Leicht

What are your 3 favorite summer items you currently carry?

  1. The HOZEN Belt Bag. This thing is the bees knees. The owner of this company is Rae. I love Rae. The core collection of HOZEN bags boast eco-friendly, biopolyoil (grain-based) leather and suede. Her latest collection is made of Piñatex® (pineapple leaf fibers)... freaking awesome.

  2. Noto Gold Highlighter stick. Perfect highlighter for a dewy bright glow. Noto is known for that no make-up look. This is a constant in my purse.

  3. Good Guys Don't Wear Leather sneaker, The Keith. Good Guys is a 100% peta certified shoe company from France. Marion's the brainchild of this beautiful shoe company that's always put animals before fashion. These new sneakers are dope.

What can we expect to see when you pop-up in The Side Garage?

You'll see all of my favorite things. Vegan bags & shoes, organic cotton jumpsuits & linen sets, wearable light-weight make-up.... gahhhh. All of the things.

Photo by: Alyssa Leicht

Photo by: Alyssa Leicht

We've heard rumors about you setting up a home base - can you share a little more about that?

Wellllllll.... I'll be sure to announce more soon BUT if you must know... I'll be doing a shared space in the East Village to test the waters a bit. East Village has always been on my radar and an opportunity came up that I could not resist. I promise more deets soon... until the STAY TUNED!

Where can we find out where you'll be popping up next?

My website has a handy little calendar for events.

You might not see me venturing out as much because of my new found home but that won't be any less fun. With a space of my own, I hope to invite other small businesses in for a space to bring their shops/art/skills right to you. Feel free to send people my way:

Join us on Friday (6/28) for our June Friday Friends pop-up with Marnē.