Change is a dirty word.

Change is a dirty word when it comes to what happens with my day to day. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'm a huge fan of routines and plans.

Wake up, make coffee and a smoothie.

Listen to NPR or my latest album obsession.


Do something creative.

Walk the dog.

Get ready for the day job.

Go to the day job.

It's simple. It's planned. It's predictable and I love it.

Recently though, I made the ultimate change. I left a job and career that I had spent most of my college life working towards. I left the "dream job" in order to pursue my own projects and my own visions.

I never knew that when I made that decision that I would feel this large void. And it wasn't until I heard Rob Bell say this, that I understood what I had just experienced:

Change is a form of loss, and with loss you have to grieve it

That's when I realized I hadn't allowed myself to grieve the loss that came with my decision. And when I did — it was so freeing. 

I finally allowed myself to embrace this thing I chose to do as the best-hard decision I have ever made. I allowed myself to be fully aware and thankful for the new life that I am creating.

Which leads me here — inviting you to be apart of this new journey with the hope that you will feel encouraged to create and create the life you want to live.

Let's do some really big things.

So much love -