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TSG Pit Crew


TSG Pit Crew

The Pit Crew is a membership program designed for businesses, artists and organizations who need t-shirts on a quarterly basis. The Pit Crew is a unique opportunity limited to only 20 members in total.

Pit Crew Rundown:

To qualify you must have a need for a minimum of 50 t-shirts per quarter. Base Pricing on shirts starts at $10.50/shirt for a quality Poly-Cotton uni-sex shirt.

Member Perks:

  • $50 credit each quarter (which adds up to an annual savings of $200)

  • Custom Artwork Discount: $20/hour (50% Off Standard Pricing)

  • Option to trade one of your four orders for an in-store event with our live printing service

  • 10% Off all other custom printing orders placed throughout the year


Question: Do I have to order all 50 shirts at once?

Yes — for logistical and set-up reasons, you must order 50 shirts minimum for one order each quarter.

Question: Do all 50 shirts have to be the same design?

Yes they do. But you are also able to order additional designs at our standard custom pricing.

Question: Can I order more than 50 shirts?

Absolutely! If you need more shirts in any given quarter, pricing will follow our custom price break in addition to your $50 credit.

Question: Does it have to be the same design each quarter?

Nope! You can switch up designs each quarter as long as you maintain the 50 piece minimum per design on your quarter qualifying order.

Question: Can I print on shirts other than a poly-cotton shirt?

You bet. Poly-Cotton and most 100% Ringspun cotton tees fall in the $10.50/shirt price range. Premium shirts such as Tri-blends, long-sleeves and sweatshirts are fair game, but will incur an increase in cost per garment due to the increase in their hard cost.

Question: Will I retain the rights to the artwork created for the project?

100% yes. Once we receive full-payment for artwork fees, you retain all rights to the artwork and may use it as you see fit.

Question: Can I provide my own artwork?

Of course! If you have pre-made artwork that you want to use, we ask that you send that over to us with your inquiry so we can make sure it is something we are capable of producing. Printable files must be at least 300 dpi in .pdf or .eps file formats.

Any artwork provided to us that does not meet artwork requirements, will incur our standard $40/hr design fee to convert or re-create it in order for it to be print-ready. We will always give you an estimate before doing this work.

Question: What is your live printing service?

Glad you asked - click here to learn more.