Buildout Materials + More:

  • Flooring

  • Paint

  • Shelving + Storage

  • Staging + Display + Furniture

  • An Old Used Garage Door (You can take The Side Garage out of the garage, but you cant take the garage out of TSG)

  • Plumbing for a new Wash Out Booth

  • Filtration for Wash Out Booth

  • Electrical work for a new Conveyor Dryer

  • Emergency Light Installation

  • Point of Sale System

  • Stationary Conveyor Dryer

Extra Mile Things:

  • Verbal Encouragement

  • High Fives

  • Pizza + Cookies

  • The Occasional Beer or Coffee

If you dig what we’re about and feel like this is something you can get behind, the button below will take you to our funding page. There you can score some swag while also supporting our next chapter.


We don't have a financial goal – and here's why:

Us asking you for support, isn't just so we can build out our space. Yes, it is part of it and the first step, but what happens after is where some really cool stuff can begin to happen.

If we receive more than what we need to get the space up and running - we vow to re-invest leftover funds into the following areas:

  • Print for the People: A Quarterly Community Printing Event that supports a cause/organization in the Greater Des Moines area.

    • Learn more about this here.

  • Screen Print Education for all ages

  • After School Print Programs

  • Youth Screen Print Summer/Winter Camps

  • Fellow Creative projects in need of funding in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area.

But to give you a range — we're anticipating the buildout and new equipment will cost somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000.