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Equipment Rentals


Waterbased Printing Rentals

We Prep the Screens + You do the making

We believe making something with your own two hands is so much more rewarding than outsourcing it. We've learned that the thing holding people back from printing their own goods often leads back to not having the means to make their own screens. 

Well, we're throwing that reason out the window. 

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned printer, we want to do our part in providing you with the means to make your own stuff.


Packages + pricing

3-Day Rental: $50*

Week-Long Rental: $75*

Our table-top package includes:

  • 1 screen (Standard 20"x24" screen taped off)
  • 1 set of table top clamps (including a set of C-clamps to attach to a table)
  • 1 squeegee 
  • 1 spatula (for ink spreading and clean-up)

Additional screens are available for $15/screen. 

We do not provide ink or materials for clean-up. Upon pick-up, we will give a quick run-down on proper screen care and clean-up. 

*We require a $50 check deposit on the screen (+ $15 deposit per additional screen). This check will not be cashed unless the screen comes back to us in poor condition and is unusable for future prints. The deposit check would be returned to you upon the delivery and thorough inspection of the rented equipment.