Swag | Functionality + Quality + Design

Why does functionality and quality matter so much when you’re promoting your brand?

Photo by:    Matthew Henry

Photo by: Matthew Henry

Think about it this way — whether you're setting up shop at a maker's market, a race, or venue that aligns with your product — you're putting yourself, your story and your product in front of a group of people who likely don't have a clue who you are.

And as someone wise probably told you, first impressions typically weigh in heavily on how people perceive you.

We've all attended a conference, festival, sporting event or simply a makers market and have walked away with "swag". It's the company's attempt to gain a dose of recognition and/or recollection the next time you find yourself needing their type of product of service.

Now, ask yourself when the last time was that an interaction like that flooded your memory bank so much that it reminded you about said company's product and how it could solve your current problem?

I mean, if I’m fully honest most of the stuff I receive ends up in the trash, left behind or in the “we need to take this to GOODWILL” box in our basement. I believe this happens because these products don’t hold much function or value to keep around.

I mean, you only need so many bottle openers and who really needs a plastic beaded necklace with a logo tagged onto it?

There is a strong correlation between functionality, quality and design. And that goes for almost all items and services. If there is a product out there that serves a consistent purpose, looks good and is well made - I would be willing to bet that someone will hold onto your product a little bit longer than the 5 minute walk to the closest garbage bin.

Photo by:    Jeff Sheldon

Photo by: Jeff Sheldon

We currently live in a day and age where you can put your name on almost anything you dream up - how are you going to stand out?

Quality. Functionality. Design.

By providing something that taps into a functional need for your targeted customer and is done so in a high quality manner with great design. When you do this, you’re telling your potential customers and clients that you don’t just value quality in your product or service, but more importantly you value a quality relationship in them.

It's good to remember that you're investing in people first, in hopes that their support and purchases will help you to continue to invest in your products, service and overall business. 

People first. Profit second.

Now, as you can imagine, we're a little partial to printed swag around here. If you're interested in getting some swag made up, drop us a line.