Store Evolution: Testing 1, 2, 3...

We've been at this onlinestore thing for just under a year. While limited bi-weekly runs has allowed us to challenge ourselves as designers and keep a steady hand on quality - we've heard the request longer buying periods with our online store.

So let's give it a shot, yeah?

Starting today (6/5) through the end of August, we will have shirts available in our online store for ONE MONTH. The countdown clock will still be ticking and prints will still be produced in limited runs. To kick off this new adventure we're bringing back a couple of our favorites paired up with our new Beaverdale themed designs.

Which - if you'd like to put your own hands to the press, we'll be doing live printing at the Beaverdale Farmer's Market the first 3 weeks of this month. 

Standard turnaround will still be 8-10 business days from the point of your order. If you have any thoughts or questions - please don't hesitate to shoot us an email:

Ashleigh BradyComment