Workshop: Ankeny Centennial High School StuCo.

Last week we packed up the shop (into my Toyota 4Runner) and made the trek out to Ankeny. 

With coffee in our systems and a quick and easy set-up, we were ready to drop some screen print wisdom. In preparation for the workshop, we created a quick video showing how their screen was made.  

After that, shirts were distributed and we dove right into the fun stuff. Broken up into smaller groups, we had 55 students and shirts roll through the press that morning. 

There was a mixture of confidence and fear in the air - but most importantly there was this essence of pride when they pulled their shirts out of the dryer. 

There's something to be said about making something with your own hands and the feeling you get after the task is completed. 

That was and will always be the best part about what we do. 

Workshops are a great way to learn something new and make something with your hands. Additionally, they're a great opportunity (or excuse) to gather with a group of people and enjoy one's company.

Our workshops are tailored to fit your needs. Even better, our print shop is MOBILE. Which means, we can bring the screen printing process to you. If you have an event or want to do something different for your holiday party this year, give us a shout or click here to learn more. We believe, there is nothing cooler than walking away from an experience with something you just made.

Ashleigh BradyComment