5 Reasons We Believe Collaboration is Vital

I wasn't always a believer in collaboration.

I knew it was beneficial and something I needed to implement, but the way it pushed me outside of my comfort zone wasn't something I wanted to sign up for.

Then, I did more of it through classwork and real world work - still hating the way it made me feel but seeing and understanding the value of it. Finally, I left my job which put me in a position where collaboration was no longer as accessible. I missed it, which made me wonder why I missed it.

Here are the top 5 reasons I found that collaboration is vital to our existence:

  1. Accountability. Once you've shared your concept with someone, you've invited this person to give his or her thoughts on the matter. My advice: choose carefully because he or she should be someone who isn't just invested in your idea but is invested in you. The right person will challenge you to surpass your perceived limitations. The right person cares enough to hold you accountable.
  2. It creates a sense of self-awareness. Collaboration helps you understand where you excel and where you fall short. There hasn't been a single project I've worked on with another creative that doesn't reaffirm my strengths and remind me where I need to improve as a designer and overall person.
  3. Continual learning. When you make the decision to work with someone else on a project, you're no longer pulling information from your own head and your own experience, but you are multiplying that information bank by the experience and mind of another person. This creates opportunity to extend beyond your comfort zone, grow, and ultimately stretch the boundaries of the project at hand.
  4. It places value in others. When you make the decision to collaborate with someone, you're acknowledging that person’s value—their ideas, creativity and opinions, and more importantly you value their input. Now you are making a decision to invest in someone and their work on a deeper level,which is a powerful and meaningful thing.
  5. You're inviting others to be a part of your story. I'm a believer that your story is only as big as the impact you have on the lives of those around you. These are often the people who feel invited to take responsibility within your story. They're the ones that have a reason to be invested because they feel needed, welcomed, loved and appreciated. They advocate for you because you have already proven to consistently advocate for them. They're your biggest fans.

Collaboration doesn't just make you better at your profession. It develops you into a person of impact. That is why we must work with others. That is why I believe collaboration is vital to our existence.

I want to get creative with you with you. It doesn't matter what you're interested in — I'd love the opportunity to collaborate with you. Just visit the Collaborate page and let's make something.