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Together we can do so much.

At TSG, we believe that a community is essential to both personal and professional growth. The idea of bringing together a community of creatives and makers through the art and screen-printing has been with us from Day 1.

We are excited to announce that we are moving into a public space where we can really dive into cultivating this idea and see where it goes.

What does this mean?

Well to start, you won't have to slowly creep up into our driveway when you pick-up your custom orders or have to face another 100º day to attend one of our print workshops. We'll have public parking and A/C to keep you confident and cool. 

But, that's not all we plan to bring you in our next phase.

We are planning to create a space that will facilitate your creative fever in the realm of art, design, print and everything in between. 

We intend to host workshops (for print, design, illustration and more). while also offering basic art and screen print supplies, educational print + design materials, and locally-handmade made items from other makers in our community.

And while we're no barista, when you drop by we'll pour you a cup of coffee and chat design, print, or whatever that thing is that lights your soul on fire. We want this space to be a place where we can all ignite our curiosities and big dreams.

We want this space to educate and inspire you to get your hands dirty and be a maker.



What we need:

  • Buildout Materials + Space Needs

    • Flooring

    • Paint

    • Shelving + Storage

    • Staging + Display + Furniture

    • An Old Used Garage Door (You can take The Side Garage out of the garage, but you cant take the garage vibes out of TSG)

    • Plumbing for a new Wash out Booth

    • Electrical work for a new Conveyor Dryer

    • Stationary Conveyor Dryer

    • Point of Sale System

Extra Mile Things:

  • Verbal Encouragement

  • High Fives

  • Pizza + Cookies

  • The Occasional Beer



The Financial Goal


We don't have one – and here's why:

Us asking you for support, isn't just so we can build out our space. Yes, it is part of it and the first step, but what happens after is where some really cool stuff can begin to take place.

If we receive more than what we need to get the space up and running - we vow to re-invest leftover funds into the following areas:

  • Print for the People: A Quarterly Community Printing Event that supports a Midwest based cause/organization

    • Learn more about this here.

  • Screen Print Education

  • After School Print Programs

  • Youth Screen Print Summer/Winter Camps

  • Creative's projects in need of funding in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area.

But to give you a range — we're anticipating the buildout and new equipment will cost us somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000 in total.