Ashleigh Brady

Co-FOUNDER + Creator

Originally from Texas, Ashleigh is an Iowa captive who lost her southern twang, but never lost her desire to create something that helps and inspires others to pursue their dreams. 

With a background in design and screen-printing, Ashleigh is the creative workhorse for The Side Garage. However, she'll be the first to admit that her Co-Founder, Elena, is the brains and wisdom of the outfit.


Elena Leon

Co-FOUNDER + Problem Solver

An Iowa and West Des Moines native, Elena is the reason The Side Garage goes off without a hitch. Her problem solving and idea creating skills are unmatched. Not to mention, she prints like a seasoned pro even though she's only been at it for a short time.  


Pete & Thulee 

human resources + Smile Machines

Pete has been at this screen printing thing for most of his young adult life. He embraces the moments when he's asked to model (as long as a treat is in hand) and never turns down a good belly rub when you walk by. 

And while Pete may look like he's the one that lays down the law, Thulee is the one keeping everyone in line. When she's not assuming the position of work patrol, you can find her working on her stick collection or practicing her sneak attack (which isn't very sneaky).

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Lane Martin

Partnering Artist

Lane is not only a creative but also a believer, fiancé, and all around lover of food (especially donuts). He grew up in the Midwest, more specifically splitting his time in Iowa + Kansas. He majored in Graphic Design at Fort Hays State University, interned for 8/7 Central in Des Moines, Iowa and participated in the Disney College Program in the summer of 2016.

We are incredibly excited to have Lane as a partnering artist until he gets tired of creating with us.

Lane is currently seeking a full-time graphic design position, as well as freelance projects. Check out his portfolio here